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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Ok so sorry its been so long but here we are. So first things first I have included pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses that I made for them. Now on to the bad stuff. Lane has recently been to the dentist and found out that one of his two front teeth is coming in completely side ways. We were also told that he has an extra tooth between his two front teeth. He has recently had 4 of his baby teeth pulled, by the dentist, to make room for his adult teeth. We have an appt scheduled for 5/15 to see the oral surgeon about removing the extra tooth.

The girls went to the doctor today and we found out that all three girls need tubes put in their ears. So on 5/14 all three girls will be getting tubes in their ears. Ok so now on a happier note as some of you may know my girls have always been very afraid of any kind of animal. They will only pet their own dog if I am holding him. So we were very surprised this weekend. On Saturday we spent pretty much all day at the local Crawfish Festival. We passed by an area that had a petting zoo and pony rides. Then Tony and I could not believe our ears when Lorelei and then Becca said "I want to ride the horsey!". They were so adamant about it that when we left to go home and get my camera, more money, and hopefully something to eat, they refused to get out of the truck saying "I don't want to eat! I want to ride the horsey!". So there are also pics of their very first pony ride.


Blogger Tracy said...

Their dresses are beautiful - how do you find the time? Man, I hear you on the dentist. My 2 oldest have been for a few cavities & I brush their teeth a few times a day!!! ugh The dentist said that Abi's teeth are growing in crooked as well - hopefully she won't need any pulled. hope that goes ok.
So fun that your girls enjoyed the horses - my kids LOVE them!

10:27 AM  
Blogger Tracy said...

how are you?? I keep popping on here hoping for an update. take care

7:36 PM  

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