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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Back view of Becca. Two braids going up the back of her head to two braided buns.
Front view of Becca's do.

Becca with two hearts on her head.

Lorelei with two braided little buns on her head.
Lorelei with four braided loops.

Bethany with a twist on each side of her head to two pigtails.

Lorelei with pigtails.

Here is Bethany again with some flipped out pigtails.

This is Bethany. I know it is hard to see but she has three braids on top pulled back to a looped braid.

This is one of Becca's new looks.

Ok I know it has been awhile but things have been busy around here. So here is a little update Lane has just turned 8 and will be starting the 3rd grade next month. The girls are 4 and they will be going to pre-K next month and boy are they excited. Bethany my little pistol is growing be leaps and bounds. She will be 3 next month and is so disappointed that she can't go to school with her sisters. My father has recently opened up a liquor store here in Orange and I have been working with him. I have been experimenting with the girls hair lately so I am including some pics of this. Forgive me if some of them are side ways I took them with my cell phone.


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